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Romantic sms-msg


 I’ve looked for love in all the wrong places. The one place Iforgot to look was your heart.
 Stand by me hold me close, I sometimes feel alone andsometimes lost. You are my anchor, You are all there is.
 You gave me your heart, I gave you mine. Let’s stay thisway till the end of time.
 Your smile brightens my day and your words blow meaway.
 When you take me in your arms for a kiss, you pull my soulout through my lips.
 In your eyes I see my life, in your arms my destiny.
 Let me name a star after you. Let me fetch the moon downto earth. For in love we can aim to do, even that which seemstoo much.
 You want to know what love can do? It can make a saneman go mad. Why else would I stand here waiting, while youshop for the perfect pudding?
 Hair like silk, lips so tender, just one kiss and I surrender.
 From now till forever we’ll always be together.
 Text me when you need me, text me when your down, textme when you feel like, but don’t text me at midnight!
 You are - the smile on my face, the twinkle in my eye, thesong in my heart, and the love of my life.
 It’s nice to feel your fingers laced through mine. Let’s walkthrough the shadows and catch up on lost time.
 You are my pillar, the wind beneath my wings. You are theonly 1 to hold me when everything else leaves me. 

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