Feb 2, 2018

Messages of love

The best collection of love messages ever

There are lots of ways to be romantic, such as hugging, kissing, singing #love messages etc ...but one cannot afford to neglect the power of romantic ..over than 40 meesage of love

love messages:

There are lots of ways to be romantic, such as hugging, kissing, singing #love messages etc ...but one cannot afford to neglect the power of romantic .love messages
love messages

It’s OK to love and lose, but it’s fantastic to lose and love. I lost my heart and fell in love with you! 
If I wrote your name in the sky, clouds would block it. If I wrote your name in the sand, waves would wash it. If I wrote your name in paper, worms would eat it. So, I wrote your name in my heart, where nothing can change it. 
Owner’s pride, neighbours envy – that’s what love is. 
Love is a partnership – where you get all the gains, and I get all the losses. Why else should I have to lose my heart for you to gain it? 
I think of you, I worry about you. I don’t know what I would do without you. 
Did you hurt me? Never! Do I love you? Forever! 
You are too good to be true, too real to be a dream, too wonderful to be lost. No wonder, there’s no one for me but you. 
Honey is sweet, so are you. 
When it’s time to say goodbye, I think I’ll just shrivel up and die. 
If you must leave, close the door behind you, and leave the key behind oh, and leave my heart on the windowsill for the birds to feed on. 
Alone when I was born. Alone, when I’m to die. But if I get to spend all the time in between with you, it would be worth my while. 
Touch me lots, Kiss me lots. If you love me, don’t leave me in knots. Romantic Texts Messages 
Good night, sleep tight. Dream of me while I hold you tight. 
Ever heard of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – that’s what I’d be on if I had to forget you. 
I love you more than I can say. Enough to tell that I love you more every day. 
I envy your tears they are born in your eyes, slide on your cheeks and kiss your lips, to fall to your heart. 
You are as yummy as a strawberry pie. 
If you want to go, I’ll let you leave. I’ll wait right here till you come back to me. 
I feel hot when I think of you. So, I’m going to get me some ice cream. 
Pink and luscious, juicy and sweet I can’t stop wanting you just like cherry and cream! 
You are heady as wine, classy as champagne. I thank God You are mine, come rain or shine. 
When wanting is so bad that it hurts inside, when love is so hot it burns inside I think of you and want you by my side. 
Let’s get together tonight, drink wine and sit by the fire. Tomorrow may come too late or we just may not care. 
Take care of yourself for me. Since I live in your heart, you’ll be taking care of me. 
Save a smile for me, don’t lose them all at the office. 
Somewhere, someone is thinking of you. So, don’t be sad, I’m waiting for you. 
All through my math class, I was thinking of you. But I still couldn’t calculate how much I love you 
When God created the world in six days, why did He take so long to create someone as sexy as you? 
Angels in heaven, dreams in sleep, water in streams and you in my heart. 
If you doubt my love for you, give me a shout. I’ll come over and work things out
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