Mar 16, 2017


Sms Love

There’s a gift that gold cannot buy, a gem that’s so precious
and rare and that’s the way my heart feels every time I see you. 
Wonderful friends like You are truly rare and few.  
We never know where time will take us. If we drift and slowly part, remember You’ll always be in my heart.  
Even after you leave, you will live on forever and ever within my silent heart.  
A look, a touch that’s all there is between the closest of friends that’s all there needs to be when I’m with you.  
#love sms
Like the silent rain that falls throughout the night to quen the parching earth, I didn’t know how much you loved me till you filled my empty soul.  
When I started dreaming of you instead of pizzas and hotdogs, I knew it was time to look for something new to eat.  
Many people walk in and out of my life. you, my love, are also free to leave. But you leave your footprints etched in my heart. 
Yesterday remains in our memories, tomorrow waits in ourhopes. Today shines bright and new because of the friends who stand beside us.
Our love is so precious, costly and rare. We may be apart
but the feelings are all still there.
The test of friendship is not longevity. It’s when you leave
and I spend a week’s salary talking to you on my phone.
True friends are like diamonds, so precious and rare. False
friends are like dead leaves, they are scattered everywhere.
When I left this morning, you were fast asleep. I looked at
your face for a moment and thanked God for my destiny.
When you speak my name, it is different. I know my name is
safe in your mouth.
Your love for me shines through your smile, peeks through
your eyes and whispers in the quiet beat of your heart.
Love is when you smile through your tears just to let
someone know you are OK 
Love is what makes you smile every time you see him, though it’s the same old face every time.  
If ever I need a place to hide and spend my life, it will be your heart, because I’d feel safest there.  
Choose me so you don’t regret, it’s a good deal – in fact, the best you can get! 

If there are times you make me cry looking for a reason why, there are also times you make me fly and reach the limits of the sky. 
You ask me what I like about you. I think it’s your eyes, no you’re little pesky mouth or may be your impossible lips ..well,  
what can I say? I think I love everything about you. 

Your eyes are looking tired and your lashes are hugging each other tight, go to the land of sweet dreams and meet me there tonight.  
You say you are ill I have a prescription: one pill of love, a few spoons of hugs and a capsule of kisses that should do.  
Love is the passion inside that you can’t  
Slowly the leaves of memory fall, I’ll pick them up and gather them all, because today, tomorrow and all my life through, it’s wonderful having someone like you.  
What if there was no love to share, there were no one to care? Life would then be so bare.  
The seas for you, the waves for me; the sky for you and the stars for me. Everything’ s for you, and you are for me. 
If the world stopped turning and the sun stopped burning, I’d still be enjoying my time here, because I was loved by you.  
I know deep within my heart that sometimes things fall apart and that it’s always hard to part, but I still can’t let you goof you are my dear heart.  
If the world is full of miseries, it’d still be worth going through, because somewhere in some corner, there’d still be someone like you.

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