Mar 16, 2017



You without me are like the birds without trees and earth without the streams. 
I still look at your picture and think You are the sexiest woman alive. Although’ at 82, that’s something of a lie. 
Read this message and forget this text. Turn off your Cell, but don’t forget the sender. 
When God created you, He knew something was missing. So He created me, and now everything is right. 
To see you hurt or to see you cry, it hurts so bad, I could die. 
White and yellow, orange and red. If you’ll be my pillow, I’ll take you to bed. 
I’d go through hell and I’d go through fire, but I can’t go through life without your smile.  
When it hurts, think of me. If it rains, think of me. when will you stop thinking and come get me? 
Our love is one long sweet dream. Let’s sleep on till we die. 
Bundles of joy, oodles of fun. You are all the things I love, rolled into one. 
Cute as a kitten, sweet as a rose. No wonder I’m smitten, now there’s no getting better. 
Open your heart for me. Shut it quick, before someone else steps in. 
If you feel like crying, give me a ring. I’ll do all that I can to make your heart sing. 
Why the long face, why the teary eyes? I promise I’ll get you a triple milkshake with ice. 
Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and I’ll cry with you. 
There’s nothing on my mind but you, there’s no one in my heart but you. 
You must be dead tired every morning, because at night You are always in my dreams. 
I’ve met many girls, some good, some cute, some funny, some sweet. But not one of them has caught my eye. I sometimes wonder what it is in you that I just can’t let go. 
True heaven is life at its best, with your arms around me and my head on your chest. 
So long, my love. Let’s wait until we meet again, some other place, some other time. 
Through good times and the bad, I’ll always be the friend you wish you had. 
I’m not one for promises; I’m not one for words. But I’m nothing without you, as empty as a tree without birds. 
You don’t have to like me. Just adore me and everything will be nice. 
I send you my heart in this little message. Guard it well and keep it safe. 
I see so many stars at night, but none are as sweet and dazzling as your eyes by candlelight. 
You are all I want. Come to me and make my life. 
I love you more than I can say. you can see it all when you look at my face. 
When I saw you for the first time, I felt my safe little world shake. Now, I know why – love comes with a lot of ache. 
I am up for anything you want to do, because I’m lost in love with you.
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