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 If words can’t make you feel better, let me hug you with my arms, listen to you with my ears and worship you with my eyes.  
If I am the heart, you are the beat within me, pumping the blood into my veins and filling me with heat.  
 Every time I tried to tell you what’s inside, words were hard to find – all I can say is your one of a kind.  
 Every time I miss you, a shooting star falls. So, if one day there are no more stars in the sky, its because you made me miss you too much.  
 Love is gentle, love is kind, love endures, and love is everlasting.  
The fragrance of a rose reminds me of thee, of sweet hugs and passion and a love that’s forever sweet.  
 Sweet as sugar, soft as butter, I’d melt in your arms if you hold me any tighter.  
 Friendship is like chinaware, so costly and so rare. Once broken it can be mended, but a crack is always there. 
 River to the ocean, beams to the moon, birds to the tree and you to me.  
 If ever you feel down and wonder where love is, remember someone cares, someone preys and someone looks up at the stars and sighs for you. 
 On a silent night when the stars are few, I sit here thinking of you, a lonely tear and a little sigh, o, how I wish I were with you.  
 A square has 4 ends, a triangle has 3 ends, a line has 2 ends and my life has 1 end – to keep you in my heart forever.  
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Well, it’s quite an honour, but it just happens to be true, the best friend I ever had happens to be someone like you. 
Giggles & laughs, smiles & tears, life has many of these, but just one true love.  
I’d send you all my love in a letter, sealed with a kiss. But since a letter would take forever, I thought I’d send you my love like this.  
 Are we friends or are we not. Sometimes I feel so, sometimes I do not. Whatever you are, part with you, I will not.  
 Life is sometimes hard, sometimes fun. There is darkness at times till the morning brings the sun. When you’re down, give me a call, I’ll drop by.  
 Till dreams turn to reality and desires fulfilled by destiny, let’s stay together, forever you and me.  
 They say that friends are angels from above, sent by God to share their love. Well, I always knew there was something ‘divine’ about me.  
Don’t look for beauty and don’t look for skin, look for a heart that loves you from within 
I wanted to send you something sexy, priceless and cute. But the postman caught me doing it and told me to get out of the post box.  
 There’s only 2 times when I miss you that’s day & night when you’re not around. 
Your clothes may look good; they may have the latest style. But you aren’t cool dude, till your wearing a smile.  
I’ll go to the ends of the world to prove my love for you …so long as you promise to let me go alone!  
 Don’t be sad and don’t be blue, Einstein was ugly too!  
 The only way to find love is to get lost in it.  
There is no sweeter ecstasy than the yearning of your heart. 
 The bond of 2 hearts can never be broken. If it’s true love, it will never be shaken.  
 We are 2 hearts living in just one soul, staying together forever and more.  
In love we find 2 hearts bound by a delicate twine, yet strong enough to win any test of time.

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