Apr 2, 2017

Best Romantic Messages SMS


 You are the one I need, the only 1 for me. Your voice makesme weak, your love keeps me alive.
 One more year goes by, with you by my side. There’s muchI’ve got from life, but none as precious as you.
 Do me a favours, send me your picture. I’m playing pokerand I’ve lost my joker.
 you laugh, I laugh, you cry, I cry, you make food, I die.
love messages 
 Love is the game, and we are the players.
 If you love me tell me so, or else someone might beat you toit.
 There’s no rhyme or reason to love – it just happens onefine day to the best of us.
 Your job is to love, mine is to find the reason – why do youlove me so?
 When things go wrong, when tears come strong, come leanon me, I’ll be strong.
 If I could, I’d put it up with a neon sign – how I love youand how you’re mine.
 What did I gain when I fell for you? Love and joy and tears too.
 No candle without a flame, no love songs without a moon.Trust me when I say I’ve no life without you.
 Fragrance in flowers, sweetness in cakes. Beauty in youreyes, and the smile on your face. I knew when I fell in love, itwas no mistake.
 Ye Gods up there so full of grace, bless my love and his sexyface.
love sms 
 In this world we meet so many pasts, but each leaves amemory so breaks our little heart.
 I could travel to the end of the world and then come back,plumb the depths of the sea and then rise up, if I can just findmy way back to your love.
 The love I hold inside, I give you through my eyes. Somethings don’t need to be said, they’re felt when they are there.
 Got up late for work and nearly missed my bus. Camerunning to my chair, fell down and mightily cussed. I knew wehad an electric night, but didn’t expect the after-effects.
 Loving is infectious, you catch it like the flu. you startedloving me and I fell in love with you.
 Do you take me to be your lawful mate? To text me all that’srunning through your heart, till low battery does throw usapart ?
 Love is like a mobile phone you keep it close to your heartand You are lost without it.
 Love is the way I do the laundry while you change nappies.
 Happy New Year, have a rocking Easter, Good luck onValentine’s, happy birthday, spooky Halloween and MerryXmas. Now don’t expect another SMS for the next 12 months.
 Read this text and you love me, delete it and you desire me,reply to it and you miss me – so what’s it going to be?
 God made bread to be with cheese. God made you to be withme. How do I know? I asked Him myself!
 I saw something in the window shop something stunning,pricey and beautiful. I thought I’d get it 4 you, and then I sawit was my own reflection! 
 Beautiful eyes, wonderful smile, the perfect walk andsweetest talk …enough about me, so how are you?
 You are so sweet you drive me insane. My heart is in agonyand I’m in pain.
 Blown kisses are wasted. Kisses aren’t kisses till they aretasted.
 Some say that kisses are hated because they spread germs.But you can kiss me baby, because I’m inoculated.
 A peach is a peach and a plum is a plum You are you and Ilove you for that.
 I am the strawberry & You are the cream. Let me lie inyour bosom so you can melt around me.
 Handle me gently, keep me with care. Where I’d like to be isalways in your heart. Just thought I’d let you know that every time I look at you,
after all the time that’s gone by, I still see the beauty that tiedme to you.
 The moment I see you, my breath cuts short, I feel the bloodin my face – I think this must be love.
 Just 1 kiss and I feel so strong. With your lips on my lips Iknow I belong.
 Forever and ever, you and me, With each others’ love happyand free.
 Like circles in the sand that go round and round,everlasting love is what we’ve found
 Which is more important to me - you or my life? Well, mylife obviously, because You are my life!
 Let friendship take its course. you lead and I’ll follow.
 A friendship is sweet when it’s new, and sweeter yet whenit’s true.
 Like old wine that gets better with age, my love for youclimbs higher every day.
 Love is honest, love is true. I know because I found that lovein you.
 Chocolates are sweet, teddy bears so huggable and stars areso bright. Did they make you of chocolates, teddy bears andstars?
 The dreams in my eyes can become reality if You are theone to walk beside me.
 A special friend is a rare breed and it’s real hard to find oneindeed. Perfect friends are so very few, I’m lucky that I foundyou.
 It took me just 1 minute to know you, 2 hours to appreciateyou, 3 days to love you, and an entire lifetime to forget you.
 If you don’t get a seat, don’t worry. Come sit in my heart.That way, you never have to leave.
 This morning God asked me, “What’s your wish fortoday?” I thought and thought, then asked Him to pleaseprotect the one reading this message.
 Time may lead me to destruction and faith may break me topieces, but I’m glad that somewhere in this journey I couldshare your kisses.
 A memory so special that it could never die – 2 friends soclose that we could never say goodbye.
 Life has given me many gifts some big, some small. But Youare the gift that God gave me, the most precious of them all. 

 You held my hand throughout the night. I think you musthave used super glue, because now I just can’t let go. 
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