Jan 27, 2017

Mini Pies-Instructions

Unfortunately, the instructions that sometimes come with mini pie makers can be worded confusingly, or omit important features and tricks. We hate seeing our
mini pies


1-Mash cherries, blueberries, and apple slices in individual bowls.

2-Dust flour on top of a cutting board.

3-Use a rolling pin to flatten crust dough on the cutting board, then cut circular crusts using the outline of a small, hollow tub.

4-Tuck crusts into Mason jar lids, then fill the dough with three scoops of mashed fruit.

5-To make the first pie top, cut lattice strips from some of the remaining crust circles. Then, weave them over top of the scooped fruit and pinch strips into the sides of the crust. Use a plastic basting brush to cover the lattice with butter and sprinkle sugar on top.

6-To make a classic pie top, place a crust circle on top of the scooped fruit and use a fork to press ridges into the edges. Use a knife to cut four slits into the center of the crust, then cover the top with butter and sugar grains.

7-Leave the remaining pies uncovered for an open-faced treat. Once again, brush the top with melted butter and dust on sugar.

8-Bake each pie at 375°F for 25 minutes.

9-Allow the pies to cool before serving. Decorate them by tying ribbons around the rims of the Mason jar lids.
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