Feb 8, 2018

Positive life quotes-TOP 60-

The Power of Positive Thinking – 60 Quotes

Here is a collection of 60 Positive Thinking Quotes that will build your inner strength and help you grow mentally & spiritually so that you can live a successful and optimistic life. Studies have shown that positive thinking can help with stress management and better health, two very important components that are needed to movE...

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Positive life quotes

1.  Thoughts are not static. They gather momentum like a snowball on a hill.
Positive thoughts blossom – negative thoughts flatten.
2.  Negative thoughts can quickly become catastrophic. Learn to “re-frame” them
into more positive, realistic thoughts.
3.  Find ways to turn even negatives into positives. (E.G. “If you stumble, make it part
of the dance” – feedmymind.net)
4.  Use music to help shift thoughts from negative to positive. Make a playlist oftunes or songs you find energizing or inspiring.
5.  Don’t feed negativity by hanging with negative people or listening to negativemusic. Raise your energy by using positive stimuli. 
6.  “If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining” –Guy Finley
7.  The difference between being truly rich or poor is how you choose to feel – no
matter what is going on around you.
8.  If you truly want to embrace positive thinking, stop paying attention to (and
feeding) your negative thoughts and fears.
9.  “If you don’t want to fall, think nice thoughts and do up your laces” – Milo
10.  If positive thinking is to work, you need to realistically decide where you need to
change your thoughts.

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11.  Pay attention to your words. They create your reality. Negative words create a
negative reality; positive words create a positive reality.
12.  Your work-at-home space should create a positive, inspiring and nurturing
shelter. Making it your own creates positive energy.
13.  Humor can help stimulate a positive attitude, which helps positive thinking. So as
they say, use it – don’t lose it.
14.  Don’t get sucked in by negative or disaster-scenario posts on social networks.
Look for positive ones to brighten your day.
15.  Do one thing daily you truly enjoy and let yourself look forward to it. That is the
secret to shifting a negative outlook to positive.
16.  “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” – C.S Lewis
17.  Positive thinking doesn’t mean sitting back and waiting for the Universe to drop
Twinkies on your lap: It’s never giving up.
18.  Positive thinking is at its best when validated by challenges and tempered with a
healthy dose of reality and common sense.
19.  Try starting the day by thinking of 10 things you are grateful for. (If 10 is too much,
pick a number that feels comfortable.)
20.  “Positive thinking” unaccompanied by action and effort is another term for
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21.  “Don’t get upset with people or situations. Both are powerless without your
reaction” - Unknown
22.  “The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time” – Thomas
Edison. (All great people have said this.)
23.  “Follow your dreams. They know the way” – Kobi Yamada. (How can you take a
new step to do just that today?)
24.  By all means use visualization to positively achieve goals – but be aware that
fantasies can also “dull the will to succeed”.
25.  If you want to be more positive – exercise daily. Exercise releases endorphins,
the neuro-chemical that creates pleasure.
26.  Those who truly know the meaning of positive thinking embrace failures as
learning opportunities or challenges.
27.  Positive thinkers don’t criticize or look down on others. Nor do they waste time
blaming others for their disappointments.
28.  Don’t just change your own way of thinking: Encourage others in your family to
think positive thoughts and talk success too.
29.  Life doesn’t always allow us to be positive. But true positive thinkers return to that
choice and practice as soon as they can.
30.  Insisting you practice positive thinking 100% of the time is to deny your feelings –
and often deny the feelings of others.
31.  Positive thinking is believing “there is always a way to improve and enhance”
even the darkest situations. (Graeme Kapono Urlich)
32.  Are you an optimistic pessimist or a pessimistic optimist. If you can’t be a realistic
optimist, which of the first two is better?
33.  If you want to practice positive thinking, learn to embrace and thank change.
(Think of an example in your life where this worked.)
34.  When you need to raise your energy to positive, meditate on a moment, image,
song or person who fills you with joy.
35.  Keep a “Smile File” – photos of family, friends and even strangers whose smiles
lift your spirits. Use it to stay positive.
36.  Pin positive affirmations, quotes and reminders in your work station – but do
choose ones that really resonate with you.
37.  If you want to develop a positive attitude, stop complaining whenever you catch
yourself doing so.
38.  When anger inspires change for the better, it can be a form of positive thinking.
Do you agree?
39.  Positive thinking doesn’t come from a place of anger, fear, pain and gloom. But it
can transform these feelings.
40.  If you truly want to embrace positive thinking, practice praising yourself for even
small things you do right.
41.  Replace self-defeating, negative thoughts about the past with positive ones
about the future. (The more you do so, the easier it gets.)
42.  Positive thinking is a handy tool – as long as you remember it’s there to be used
as a tool; not a fantasy escape hatch.
43.  True positive thinkers actively use their failures to refine the road to success.
How can you do failure differently?
44.  What positive thinking is not: The Olympic athlete in tears because she “only”
won a silver medal.
45.  True positive thinking: A depression sufferer praising herself for getting up and
brushing her teeth.
46.  To create a positive, bright future, learn to let go of the past. (Name one way in
which you can do this.)
47.  Positive thinking is as subjective as negative thinking: In the end, it’s what you
do with it that really counts.
48.  True positive thinkers have learned to have fun by ruthlessly sitting on and
squashing their Inner Critic.
49.  “Don’t close the book when bad things happen in your life. Just turn the page,
and start a new chapter” –Various sources
50.  If you want to stay positive, don’t take on other people’s negative trips. You can
refuse to let their mood affect you.
51.  By all means use positive thinking affirmations – but take time to think deeply
and make your own: They’ll be the most effective.
52.  Successful positive thinkers also take positive actions. Would you agree or
53.  Positive thinking without positive action is like daydreaming about winning the
lottery – but never buying a ticket.
54.  If you want to shift to a more positive mindset and embrace positive thinking,
watch your words. Negatives weaken; positive words uplift.
55.  Getting into the habit of thinking about others helps promote true positive
thinking. When our focus is inward, we grow selfish.
56.  Every day, count all the things you have in your life that make it better, instead of
dwelling in past disappointments.
57.  To truly practice positive thinking, smile, breathe deeply and relax your body –
you’ll find that positive thoughts flow more easily.
58.  Positive thinking involves conscious choice to shift negative thought patterns to
positive: It’s hard work at first – but worth it. (Agree?)
59.  Don’t sit around waiting for good things to happen: Make them happen!
60.  “Life is hard. And then you get a sandwich and it gets better” – James, age 6.
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